Kevin and Kelly Bride's Choice Award Winner since 2010



I have learned everything I know about photography from my mother, Winnie, who started the family photography business in the early 80s. I was her wedding assistant over the summers in high school, carrying her flash and learning how to load medium format film, at her first studio in eastern Kentucky. We opened a second location in central Kentucky, originally called The Gallery, just after I graduated from Centre College with a degree in Economics. We looked all over the area for the perfect location, finally settling in the quaint area of Chevy Chase. Little did I know that this decision would be the beginning of my life story.

We rented a small space in a newly built shopping plaza and needed a contractor to help us transform it into our studio. The property manager recommended Cobalt Construction Services as they had just finished the Mail Boxes, Etc. next door. I insisted that we hire Cobalt after we met the owner, Kevin Culp. Yes, we hired my future husband as our general contractor! Come to find out, our new studio was located just down the street from where Kevin grew up and where his parents live to this day.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Kevin and I started dating the day after the project was finished and married 10 months later. How time flies; that was 17 years ago! After 7 years in Lexington, and numerous SCUBA diving vacations to St. Croix, we decided to begin a new chapter and relocate to warmer weather. We bought property in the historic Salt River estate, just above Christopher Columbus’ 1493 landing site, the only place where he set foot in America. We photographed our first wedding on St. Croix in April 2006 and broke ground on our Caribbean home in February 2009. Our custom home studio will be finished in the fall of 2015, with the loving and careful hands of my husband designing, building and overseeing the entire project.

We are so lucky to have the life we share together, photographing weddings and families in the most picturesque venues of the Virgin Islands, and building our home in our small corner of the world. We travel back to Kentucky throughout the year to work with my sister and mother at their newest Lexington portrait studio, Greer Photography. Our story is far from finished; it is only the beginning!


:) Kelly